• I understand that bodywork  for the purposes of stress reduction; relief from muscular tension, spasm, and pain; general relaxation; and for improvement of circulation and balance of energy flow. 

  • I understand that results will vary depending on the individual and the extent of his/her condition. 

  • I understand it is the client’s responsibility to notify the practitioner immediately if the client should feel their well-being is being compromised in any way. 

  • I understand that Thai Bodywork Practitioners do not diagnose illness nor do they prescribe medical treatment. 

  • I understand that Thai Bodywork is not substitutes for medical examinations or diagnosis. 

  • I understand it is recommended that I see my primary health care provider for exams and diagnosis of ailments I may have. 

  • I understand the practitioner does not prescribe medical treatment nor does he/she perform any spinal manipulations. 

  • I understand that any information offered by the practitioner is for educational purposes only.

  • I have consulted a medical doctor or licensed medical health care practitioner regarding any listed or described conditions.

  • I have stated all of my known medical conditions on the form below, including any of the following:


      Current/Recent Illness
      Current/Recent Pregnancy
      Muscle Strain/Sprain
      Back/Neck Pain
      Low/High Blood Pressure
      Blood Clots/Heart Attack/Stroke 
      Chronic Illness
      Skin Infections or Diseases

I have read and agree to Blue Sky Bodywork COVID Protocol including: ​

  • Wear long pants, long sleeved shirt (stretchy/comfy) 

  • Wear face mask at all times

  • Upon entering remove shoes, sanitize hands & have temperature taken (touch free)

I realize it is solely my responsibility to provide updates to the practitioner. 


BY SUBMITTING THIS FORM (BELOW) I assume full responsibility for receipt of Thai yoga bodywork and release and discharge the practitioner from any and all claims and liability.